Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Free is a Four Letter Word

I just quit the following Facebook groups:

FREE Kindle Books

Free Books on Kindle, Nook, and More!

Free Amazon Kindle books

Free Ebooks for Ipad, Tablets, Nook, Kindle and Kobo


Free Book Giveaway

Free Books

Free Books (same name)

Addicted to Free Books


Free E Books

Free Horror eBooks

free kindle and nook ebooks for readers

Free Today on Amazon


Kindle FREE Books (some NOOK too)

Free soft copies and E books here

Sharing Free E-boks

Authors Giving it Away: Freebies, Give-Aways & Free Books

Free Book Downloads!

Free BOOKs Download

Free Books Download

Free Today on Kindle & Beyond


Free Ebooks for all

Free Ebooks for Kindle, Nook, and More

Free Ebooks

Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!

Book Giveaways

Free Read and Review

Free Kindle Books

FREE Books 4 U

Free E-Books

Free eBook Palace

Free Kindle Book Club

eBooks (Free Download)

Free Kindle Books

Download Free E Books

100% Free ELECTRICAL eBooks

KPromo-Kindle Free eBooks

Free books on Amazon

Free Kindle Books

Always "FREE" e-books

Free English Books

Free Kindle Books

Free E-book downloads


Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle Books (Reading Group)

Note that all share a common purpose – the downloading of FREE books. FYI: I belonged to them while with Biting Dog Pubs, because I had to promote my own free books to members of these groups. It’s a marketing ploy that obviously doesn’t work. The belief is that people will read a free book and if they like the writer they will 1. pay for the next book and 2. hopefully tell their friends. I’m sure it happens, but not enough. Now that I am an indie I have no need for these groups.

Am I saying it’s wrong to give books away? Of course not. There are reasons I’ll continue to do so. I have people – friends who get them, because they’re special. I don’t expect them to promote for me. I also will send them to other writers. Hell, I’ll send them to just about anyone who asks. I’m just not going to pimp a freebie to the world. If anyone wants something, they have to come to me.

Note: I feel safe being honest here. No one reads these damn things.


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