Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pssst... I Quit.

Woo hoo, I was hired for a new job today. Mind you, this is a job and not a career. Still, it pays a lot more and comes with benefits vice my current part time position at the local Goodwill working only 25 hours a week for less than I can live on. When I got home and told my girlfriend I added that the job begins on Tuesday and I needed to decide when I would break the news at the Goodwill store. Her response, “After the way they treated you, why say anything?”

Hmmm… let me reflect.

I began at Goodwill in early August, 2015. I started off in Donations. Vehicles pulled up and I took what they offered. The position was advertised as full time online and I was told the same when I went into the store to apply for the position. I was told that it would be part time until after I finished the probation period ended. When it did, I was invited into a room (along with another new person) and told that the position would be part time. When I mentioned that it was advertised as full time the manager responded, “We might make you full time if the store starts meeting its quota.” I told her I’d be looking for another job and she never spoke to me again. – That’s 1.

I hurt my back at work and was placed on light duty for a week. The day I went back to work I put my back out again. Obviously it wasn’t healed. I reported the new injury before noon and wasn’t sent back to the hospital until after 2pm. While waiting for permission to go for help my supervisor told me I needed to work faster. Note that I could barely move at the time. – That’s 2.

I missed a couple days of work, because I couldn’t stand. The hospital took x-rays and put me on light duty with no standing. Upon informing the store they changed my duty to door greeter (a sitting job) and my hours were cut from 25 a week to 15 and eventually I was working 9 hours a week. Also during this period I was called into the office where A. I was told to sign papers taking blame for my accident and it was pointed out on the store video that I remained in my work area approx three hours before leaving for the hospital. I explained that I was waiting for instructions and didn’t really work during this time, but I was told to sign another paper taking blame. Also one of the supervisors claimed to seeing me in a Walmart on a night I didn’t come to work. My denial meant nothing. I sat in a room with people who were calling me a liar. – That’s 3.

Getting off light duty Goodwill moved me to a new position – cashier. Yes… a better/safer position. Yes… I was grateful for the move. The downside was a three day (12 hour) training session before being placed alone at a register. OK, that wasn’t so bad either except when I was called back into the office and written up for A. not counting money back to customers the proper way. B. not placing money on the register before opening it. I was also told that I would receive points for the days I missed when I was hurt. Note: Points are not good. Once an employee gets 12 he/she is terminated. – That’s 4.

I think I became sorta kinda good at being a cashier, because the same managers who gave me such a hard time after I was hurt started being nice to me. It did make things easier and truth is I didn’t hate the job and I really liked most of my coworkers. Of course that doesn’t make up for lying to me about my original position being full time, cutting my hours for an entire month, making me take blame for the accident, and writing me up for bullshit.

I’ve decided Lisa is right. Goodwill doesn’t deserve a notice. I want to believe I’m on to something better. Hey the pay is almost double and that means I can put up with a lot more crap. Goodbye Goodwill. It’s been an experience.


  1. Wow...I didn't know they had treated you so badly to such an extent. I don't blame you one bit. It would be very tempting not to go in and say, "Take this job and shove it!" lol

    Wishing much success with the new job. Congrats!

  2. Also - and this isn't a gripe related to me - there is an employee there who spends much of his time following female customers around. I've seen him do it and last week one of the customers told me. I reported it to one of the lead managers and the response was, "It happens a lot." That's it. FYI: This employee is mentally challenged (slightly), but he does "know better". My 2nd wife worked for a non-profit organization that trained individuals with the same condition to function within their community. They can easily learn the rules. Acceptance of such behavior is wrong and frightening customers is not acceptable.

    Anyway... there are other complaints, but we all have them. No job is perfect. The good side to working there was most of the people. They made me smile a lot.

    1. Yeah, good co-workers are what make a bad job least, for a while.

      Happy weekend!

  3. w00t! Congratulations on your new job.

    From what you describe, I'd say this goodwill bears the marks of really bad leadership. Glad you got out

  4. The concept is a good one. The purpose of Goodwill is to find jobs for people, which they do. The problem - it's retail and among large organizations/companies you'll find people who survive within a bubble of fear. This explains most lower level retail and Goodwill managers. The concern is profit and if numbers aren't met they hear it from those above them. Sadly the people who suffer the most are the ones paid the least.