Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Should I Remain an Indie Writer?

I received a suggestive email from a friend the other day with info on a publishing company looking for indie writers for their pool. I went to their website and was impressed by some of the names. Also I know who is running the show – also impressive. I have files I could send them and I’m sure they would attach much better covers to my stories than I am using now. Note: Of all my available stories, only one cover is professionally done – Pretzel Logic: Tales of Love & Horror was designed by K.H. Koehler. Other than that I basically slapped on a generic cover simply to get the story out there. Still I could send my work over to this publisher and if they agreed I could turn over much of the work to them.
Should I? Let’s look at is what I’ve made in royalties since releasing my books as Kindle Select Publications: $18.69. That’s it. I’ve sold 17 books since January 9th. God that sucks, especially when I know how much time I spend promoting (pimping) my work. My first thought is that a publisher could raise the number. My sales were much better when I was with Biting Dog Pubs. My second thought – after a decade with one small publisher I am sitting here still a semi-complete unknown. Time and time again I’ve posted/said that it wasn’t about the money. It was about the readership and if I had one worth bragging about none of this would be an issue.
Should I? No – at least not at the moment. The low numbers are my fault – poor promotion and a lack of branding out there. The hard part is to get the word out without becoming they type of writer I don’t want to be – a salesman. Social media is full of them and if they irritate me they irritate others. I’ve got to figure out how to play the game and I remain independent.

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