Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Six Week Update

Surprise I’m back. Yes, I know it’s been over a month and the tens of tens of you are wondering when the heck I was going to post again. Well, the last six weeks was a bit busy, but I’m able to share details. For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, most of this won’t come as a surprise.

The Big News

On April 17th Lisa and I got married. I wanted to share the news beforehand, but we decided to be quiet about the event until after the fact. We’ve both been married before (several times), which led to our decision not to make things legal until we were sure. It took a while … nine years before we felt comfortable doing it.

As mentioned, it was done in secret. No one knew while we planned the event until nearing the ceremony. We had it at Lisa’s sister’s and brother-in-law’s home (next door) and her two sons were invited to attend (unknowing what was happening). Six attended including one of my new stepson’s girlfriends and the person who performed the legal stuff. Three days after we went on our honeymoon. Woo Hoo!

Three weeks later and I’m extremely happy with my love of the last decade (ok nine years) and bride of three weeks. Some have asked why we waited so long – there are advantages. We know pretty much everything about each other (there are always surprises) and we know we want to be together. I’m not trying to sound “corny”, but for me this is my last time for several reasons. For most my age plays a part. I’ll be sixty-two in two months and I want to be with my wife for as many years as possible. If and when it ends (even the best relationships eventually do) I will not do this again. There are other parts of life I will want to concentrate on and Lisa will be the last love of my life.

The Honeymoon

We spent seven days at The Pyramid at the Oasis resort in Cancun, Mexico. The beach was beautiful. The hotel was in many cases a nightmare. We did not get the room we paid for, the shower didn’t work until the second day, the minibar never worked and some furniture was not part of our room until the third day. After several complaints I took it upon myself to hop the patio wall and take what was needed from an unrented room. Again we loved the area and want to return again, although we will stay elsewhere when we do.

Anyway – that’s it for now. No writing news, although I’m tempted to share I think it can wait. Hope those who actually read this are having a good week.


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