Saturday, August 6, 2016

Just a Bitch, Folks

Feeling: Unloved

My two newest releases are put out by Crossroad Press. The proof is on the Amazon pages for Gifted Trust and PretzelLogic: Tales of Love and Horror (digital edition). Just scroll down to Product Details and look at Publisher. There it is - Crossroad Press. They released Pretzel Logic on March 31st of 2016. Gifted Trust hit the net May 19th. It was also released on all the major online markets all over the world. I'm sure this took a lot of work. So what's the problem?

The Problem: When a writer (especially a semi-complete unknown writer) gets involved with a publisher ... a publisher who the writer is told will bring in sales ... the writer believes he/she is part of something - let's say sort of a family. They promote me and I promote not only my books, but I have been known to promote other books put out by my publisher. "One hand washes..." OK they can't spend a lot of time on me. I'm not one of their bigger names, but is it too much to at least mention me among their books on their website (or mention me as one of their authors)?

You might ask: John have you brought this to their attention before sharing with your social media friends?

Yes - after bitching to one or two friends privately I did email them.

Me: Why are my books (nor I) mentioned on the Crossroad Press website?

Them: I checked with (name withheld) and he said there's no particular reason, other than no one ever buys anything but Stargate titles directly from the Crossroad site.  If it's not a Stargate title, people won't buy from the site, but instead go buy it at Amazon or B&N or other major site, so that's why concentration is put on those sites.

WELL ... this is sort of not true. They list many books (and writers) who are not part of the Stargate group. I believe I am not mentioned, because I'm not a money maker.

What Crossroads Press Doesn’t Understand

At least in the small publisher world, there is a two-way relationship between the writer and the publisher. It goes beyond putting my books on Amazon and B&N. Besides putting my work out there (something I could have done myself with the same results) it is important to add the writer to your website, because when asked who my books are published by and I name them some people actually go to the publisher’s site to find me (and look at other writers the publisher works with). When they don’t see me mentioned anywhere they question the connection and it makes me look bad.
I didn’t ask for active promoting. It became obvious quickly that this is not what they do for writers of my level. I only wanted my books listed, because if I sell any books they will make money.
If Someone from Crossroad Press Reads This

We have to assume they’d read it, which would slightly surprise me and the results could mean my two books being dropped. That’s probably what I’d do. I don’t expect them to correct the problem the way I think they should. If they do (release me) it’ll take a couple hours to put both my works back on the Amazon Publishing.

Feeling: Glad I got this out.