Sunday, February 5, 2017


I lost 5 facebook friends today. One was my doing. The other four I’m sure I deserved – too many political comments. As for that one, the person I decided to unfriend and block with two clicks – it was a CYA move. Rule #1: When a coworker becomes one’s supervisor, he/she must be deleted.

Of course, it is more than this. As some of you might know, I got a promotion at work recently – a big promotion, which meant a nice raise along with a lot I need to learn. When I was hired, I was told that the training would take six months – as I said, there’s a lot to learn. As of sit typing this, I’ve yet to complete the first month. That officially happens on Wednesday. So what could be the problem?

Well – getting back to that six-month thing. Over the past few weeks the timeframe has changed a couple times … three months … two months … March 1st. The other day while in a very brief conversation with a coworker my supervisor (the same person unfriended/blocked) screamed at me in front of coworkers and donors about how I only had three months to learn the job. Note a lesser incident happened earlier in the week.

I waited until today to tell my wife what’s been going on. You see, I can bitch about things and I’ve been quite pleased that I was in a work environment that I liked so much. I didn’t want to complain … but I’m liking it less.

My wife’s response? Basically, she suggested I don’t put up with it. Yes – it’s much easier to handle such situations when one isn’t alone. Do I want to give up the position? No – it’s a hell of a lot more interesting and the money is so much better, but I’m not going to be someone’s whipping boy. 

If it happens again (and if I feel I’ve done nothing to deserve it) I will handle it. Even if it means going back to my old position, I will and I won’t allow them to treat me like shit.


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